Kawasaki Teases Supercharged Sport Touring Bike

Something easier to wield than an H2 is on the horizon.

The Kawasaki Ninja H2 is a supercharged missile. While the H2 and H2R are tremendous sport bikes, they’re not very accessible to most riders due to their limited production, high price tags, and intimidating performance. However, it looks like Kawasaki could be bringing forced induction to the motorcycling masses with a new bike.

In the teaser video below, Kawasaki uses the line “Supercharge Your Journey.” The 30-second doesn’t give us a good look at a new product, but it does heavily imply that a new supercharged bike is coming. Rather than showing us a racetrack where a bike like the H2 would be at home, we see a highway and a winding road in a mountainous landscape.

The change of scenery implies that Kawasaki’s new motorcycle will be a non-Ninja touring bike. 

“Supercharge your journey with the only manufacturer that can deliver such a machine,” says the YouTube video description. “Be prepared for Sport Touring to accelerate impressively and efficiently into its next exciting phase.”

While forced induction on motorcycles isn’t a new idea, it’s mostly absent from mainstream, production motorcycles. The idea makes sense when considering tightening emissions regulations, especially in Europe, as a way to get strong performance out of fuel-efficient engines. The fact that a supercharger sounds cool and makes the bike faster are just bonuses.

Kawasaki will unveil the new bike on Nov. 7 at the Milan Motorcycle Show. What do you think we can expect from the new supercharged Kawasaki?