This British Gardener Turned a Shed Into a Street-Legal Car

It's nitrous-boosted and he can get it up to almost 100 mph.

We may have found the most passionate shed enthusiast on the planet. British gardener Kevin Nicks loves sheds so much that he turned one into a car. And this shed car is much more than just a novelty—not only is it street-legal, it holds the record for fastest shed of all time (a record we imagine was fairly easy to break).

Like with all things in life, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing. Nicks wasn’t satisfied turning a shed into a motor vehicle and then calling it a day, so he added a nitrous tank to his shed car. The automotive basis for this thing is a Volkswagen Passat with a 2.8-liter petrol engine making 200 horsepower. Nicks claims that when the nitrous is on, it adds as much as 75 horsepower.

This steel-frame shed car weighs 4,500 pounds, so the power-to-weight ratio isn’t exactly great. It’s also not the most aerodynamic record-breaker we’ve ever seen—you know, because it’s a shed. Despite that, it’s pretty darn fast. Previously, the fastest he’s ever driven his shed is 88 mph. He recently decided to go for triple-digit speed but fell short, topping out at 96.8 mph.

According to the video below, it took Kevin Nicks £5,000 GBP (about $6,500 USD) and seven months to create the world’s fastest shed. Was it worth it? See for yourself. (But, yes, it was worth it, obviously.)