The Queen’s Dogs Have a Cooler Whip Than You Do

Daresay the corgies have bolted from the Rover!

byBen Keeshin|
The Queen’s Dogs Have a Cooler Whip Than You Do


America, of course, has no delineated class structure. No boy in your son’s kindergarten class is a little duke; your imperious boss is no dame. The Constitution allows for no titles and protects no landed gentry. Still, with the winds of capitalism being what they are, disparity in incomes nationwide has created a de facto hierarchy, with a moneyed, Congress-lobbying, Gulfstream-travelling set occupying the fertile hills of Orange County and the Park Avenue towers of New York, while the rest of the population lives, sans helipads, everywhere else. But who knows? That snow-haired, Brooklyn-brogued senator from Vermont just might turn things topsy-turvy, or at least make it a little harder to make your first billion.

Should your class ire need a little stoking, turn your eyes across the Atlantic. While the U.K. is now a strong, groovy parliamentary democracy—universal healthcare and all—it maintains a vestige of its old ways. That is, it maintains a monarchy, as well as the monarch’s dogs. The pack you see above, four corgies and a single long-haired dachshund, travels with its own besuited caretakers and, it seems, a pristine Land Rover Defender 110. Yeah, the Queen’s dogs roll in a cooler whip than you do, and have double butlers. Let’s spread that wealth around a little, aye?