You're Full of Shit: A Drunken Argument About Auto Shows

Grown men drinking and fighting about cars. So Wednesday.

Auto Show Argument
Part 3
You're Full of Shit: Drunken Arguments

So The Drive’s chief auto critic Lawrence Ulrich and deputy editor Josh Condon walk into a bar…

A proper old-school reporter who cut his teeth at The New York Times, Lawrence thinks auto shows are an industry mainstay worth preserving. Josh says that’s bogus. According to him, auto shows are a tired formality, long ago bled of their relevance (and any semblance of excitement) by the very automakers that conceived of them. Our guys don’t see eye-to-eye, and that’s the spirit of the thing. We put a bottle of rye and a camera in front of them.

Quick primer: Lawrence, a documented man of the people, was on the debate team in high school and can hold his liquor with aplomb. Josh has won several punching contests with other men, but agreed to keep his hands to himself for the benefit of all. Two goliaths, one controversial topic, a good ol' fashion 85-proof argument.

The automotive barstool debate is back.