Watch HyperLoop Transportation Technologies’s Full-Sized Hyperloop Being Built

The video may be vague, but full-scale production is a huge step towards the hyperloop becoming a reality.

byMax Goldberg|
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HyperLoop Transportation Technologies just released a video of its production process at its Carbures manufacturer facility. The video is especially significant because it (ostensibly) proves the first full-scale hyperloop is currently in production.

The video includes Dirk Ahlborn, co-founder and CEO of HyperLoop Transportation Technologies,  as well as several other important players in the build process. As The Drive has stated in other articles, full-scale testing of the HyperLoop One will take place in the Nevada desert, but the first functioning HyperLoop is likely to debut in Abu Dhabi.

According to the end of HyperLoop Transportation Technology’s brief video, the HyperLoop One should carry between 28 and 40 passengers, be 100 feet in length, have a diameter of 2.7 meters, and transport 164,000 passengers daily. It will glide along the tracks using passive magnetic technology with extremely low friction, allowing it to travel up to 760 miles per hour. Even though the video is very vague, it's cool to see the pieces actually being produced.

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