Tesla Files Permit for Supercharging Station With Drive-In Restaurant

Forget about long charging times while being served food on skates.

byRob Stumpf|

If there's one thing that Tesla CEO Elon Musk can do, it's make you question just how much of what he's saying is true. From boring old flamethrowers to straight up turning a Tweet into an over-the-air update for Tesla's fleet of electric cars, Musk has proven to be a man of his word over and over again. So what's he going on about now? A supercharger station that's also a drive-in restaurant.

Last month, the billionaire and probably secret supervillains tweeted to announce that one of the newest Tesla Supercharging locations would be more than just a place to charge your car. It would instead be turned into an old school themed drive-in restaurant, complete with roller skates (like what you'd see at a Sonic) and rock 'n' roll.

Apparently, Musk wasn't kidding. A new application popped up on the City of Santa Monica's ePermits site, specifically for a "Tesla restaurant and supercharger station," indicating that Musk and co will soon make the next happening spot in Los Angeles. The permit, which can be seen below, is currently in the pre-submittal phase, which means that it will need to be reviewed by representatives of the city (assuming it classifies as a "complex" project), and may be reviewed as early as March 22, according to the city's planning guide.

via City of Santa Monica

The address on the application currently points to an old Volvo dealership, which can be seen below on Google Maps. The footprint seems to be reasonable for Tesla's goals, and can clearly squeeze in a plethora of electrified automobiles to charge.

via Google Maps

Tesla also has a more robust Supercharging location in Kettleman City, California (175 miles north of Santa Monica) where it turned a former Burger King into a lounge and vending area, but it seems lackluster compared to the plans that Musk expressed on Twitter over the special theme of the future location. But when you compare a '50s themed restaurant to a glorified vending machine, it's easy to see why people are excited.

Charging times are one of the most talked about reasons for people denouncing the adoption of the electric car. But as battery technology advances and charging is treated as more of a commodity that you can partake in at home (unlike storing fuel), these small charging stations may become more popular and pop up more often.