Best Motorcycle Leg Bags: Keep Your Gear Close By

These top motorcycle leg bags are convenient when you ride

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Dainese Unisex-Adult Leg-Bag Black One

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Fansport Drop Leg Bag

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Genda 2Archer Drop Leg Bag

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Depending on what type of bike you ride, you may not have a lot of storage options. One way to carry your smartphone, keys, earbuds, and other devices is with a motorcycle leg bag. They are usually interchangeable, so you can turn them into shoulder bags by simply adjusting the straps. Whether you’re on your bike or off, the best motorcycle leg bags are very convenient. Check out some of the best options in our buying guide below.

Benefits of Motorcycle Leg Bags

  • Increased storage. Depending on what type of bike you ride, it may not have a lot of storage options. Motorcycle drop leg bags are great if you want to carry smaller items, such as a cell phone or wallet.
  • Versatile. These bags come in several shapes and sizes. They are also available in various materials, including leather and synthetic options. Plus, many convert into shoulder bags and messenger bags.
  • Affordable. Leg bags for motorcycle riders are reasonably priced. You don’t have to pay a lot of money to get a good-quality bag that will protect your personal belongings.

Types of Motorcycle Leg Bags

General Purpose

Most bikers will appreciate the features of a general-purpose motorcycle leg bag. They are made of a variety of materials, including leather, nylon, and canvas. These bags provide enough space to carry small items, such as phones and wallets. They are typically secure, durable, and easy to carry and use when you’re riding.


Tactical drop leg bags tend to be a little larger than other types of leg bags. They expand a lot further, which may make them a little bulky when you’re riding a bike. These bags tend to have more storage pockets and sometimes a MOLLE system, so you can attach items to the outside of the bag. 

Motorcycle Leg Bag Pricing

  • $20-$35: Most motorcycle leg bags fall within this price range, although you may find some that are slightly more expensive. Higher-priced bags tend to be made of leather or feature waterproof materials.

Key Features


You can opt for a small motorcycle leg bag or a larger one. Some have as much as 10 liters of storage space. But in general, they’re designed to hold smaller items, such as wallets, cellphones, and keys. Keep in mind that if you choose a larger bag it may feel a bit bulky when you ride. 

Adjustable Straps

In general, motorcycle leg bags have two straps that attach tightly and securely to your body. One strap wraps around the waist, while the other one wraps around the thigh. This ensures that the bag stays put and doesn’t move when you ride your bike. Look for bags with adjustable straps that fit your waist and thigh dimensions.


A motorcycle drop leg bag can be made of leather, cotton, nylon, or other synthetic materials. The advantage to buying leather motorcycle bags is that they tend to be more durable and are more waterproof compared to some other types of bags. However, they may cost a little more.


The best motorcycle drop leg bags are water-resistant or waterproof. Check to see if the bag has a waterproof coating so it will protect your valuables in the rain and in other harsh weather conditions. Otherwise, the contents may get soaked (or worse, ruined). Try to avoid bags that you can only wear when it’s dry outside.

Other Considerations

  • Style: The good news is that when you’re shopping for a leg bag for bikers, there are many styles available. Some are made of canvas and have a simple, streamlined look, while others are fancier with studs, skulls, and other metal embellishments. Some have a more tactical look with add-ons, such as a MOLLE system.

Best Motorcycle Leg Bag Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall

Dainese Unisex-Adult Leg-Bag Black One

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Honorable Mention

Genda 2Archer Drop Leg Bag

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  • Determine what you plan on carrying in the bag before making a purchase. Make sure the bag is the right size with the right number of pockets to accommodate all those items.
  • Some leg bags also act as concealed-carry holsters. If you plan on carrying your handgun in the leg bag, check the dimensions for a proper fit.
  • Some leg bags are bulkier than others. Make sure you don’t stuff it so full that it interferes with your riding. 


Q: Do motorcycle leg bags work on both legs? 

A: Most bags are designed so that you can wear them on either leg. They include straps that are adjustable for a custom fit.

Q: Can you use a motorcycle leg bag as a sling bag? 

A: That depends on the brand, but most leg bags can be converted into sling or shoulder bags for convenience. 

Q: Do motorcycle leg bags bother your thigh and cause chafing? 

A: If it’s a good quality product, it shouldn’t. Just make sure to properly adjust the straps so the bag sits comfortably on your leg and waist.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best motorcycle leg bag is the Dainese Unisex-Adult Leg-Bag Black One. It’s a well-known brand, and the bag is comfortable and adjustable.

For a more budget-friendly option, consider the Fansport Drop Leg Bag.