Best Bottle Jacks: Lift Your Truck with Ease

Get to work on your vehicle by lifting it with a bottle jack.

byAndra DelMonico, Nikola Petrovski|
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BYAndra DelMonico, Nikola Petrovski/ LAST UPDATED ON July 2, 2021

You love working on your truck, but there are some tasks that you just can’t do with all four wheels on the ground. A bottle jack is the perfect portable solution for lifting a vehicle off the ground. A bottle jack is small and simple to use. All you need to do is buy the right one with the right lifting power. Check out the following bottle jacks to get your vehicle lifted sky high.

Best Overall
Powerbuilt All-in-One Bottle Jack

Powerbuilt All-in-One Bottle Jack


Combine your bottle jack and jack stand into one unit. This bottle jack has a safety bar that will lock the jack at your desired height. It comes in a two-ton or three-ton option. 

  • Designed for large trucks and off-road vehicles
  • Broad base for greater stability
  • Oil can leak
  • Weighs more than other jacks
Best Value

Pro-Lift Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack


Use this affordable bottle jack with its 4-ton capacity. It’s simple and easy to use with a steel lifting saddle and extension screw. 

  • Meet ANSI/PALD standards
  • Heat-treated critical stress areas
  • Too tall for cars 
  • Can leak fluid
Honorable Mention

Torin Big Red Hydraulic Stubby Bottle Jack


This heavy-duty hydraulic lift is made from steel and has a heat-treated saddle. It has a maximum lift height of 11 inches. It has a 12-ton capacity.

  • Long zinc-plated handle 
  • Lower retractable height
  • May struggle to get the jack to release
  • May lose its pressure over time

Best Bottle Jacks Reviews & Recommendations 2021

This powerful bottle jack measures 9.75 inches long, 9.75 inches wide, and 12.25 inches high. Its portable design keeps everything compact, making it ideal for use in emergencies. Its larger design makes it perfect for lifting trucks and off-road vehicles that have a taller underbody clearance. You can use it to lift both regular and unibody vehicles safely. A standout feature is its broad steel base for greater stability. It has a lifting range of 11 to 21 inches. A safety bar keeps the lifted jack in place and prevents it from dropping. 

One drawback of this bottle jack is that it can begin to leak oil. It also weighs more than other similar jacks. Its default lift height is 17.25 inches. If you want to lift it to the full 21 inches, you’ll have to finish the lift manually. 

This small and affordable bottle jack is perfect for lifting up to four tons. It’s simple and easy to use. It’s constructed of durable steel with a steel lifting saddle that’s specifically engineered to securely hold its load. You can use the extension screw to precisely adjust the height to accommodate your needs. You’ll appreciate the built-in safety bypass system that protects against ram over travel. The stress points are also heat-treated to give the jack greater strength and durability. This jack meets ANSI/PALD standards and measures 4.49 x 9.41 x 4.37 inches.

Unfortunately, this jack is too tall for cars. It can also begin to leak fluid when put under too much stress. It also doesn’t come with a safety pin to prevent sudden drops from lifted.

This powerful bottle jack has a short stature and a bright red color. It uses hydraulics to lift the heat-treated and serrated saddle. This gives you a stable and lifting platform with a secure grip. You have the option of choosing either the 12- or 20-ton lifting capacity. It has a lifting range of 7.5 to 13-13/16 inches for the 12-ton capacity jack. A standout feature is the adjustable screw top extension that gives you greater versatility. This jack is engineered using drop forged alloyed steel construction. It has an inner and outer welded structure for a leak-free design. You’ll appreciate the glide-action pressure pump that lets you lift with minimal effort. An integrated built-in oil-bypass and overload valve protect the hydraulic system. This jack meets ASME PASE safety standards. 

The drawback of this bottle jack is that the rubber seals and rings aren’t as durable as the rest of the parts and construction. You’ll also need to apply a lot of pressure to get the jack to lower. 

Have plenty of lifting power with this hydraulic bottle jack. It has a lifting range of 7 1/8 to 13 5/8 inches and a lifting capacity of 4,000 pounds to two tons. It also has an adjustable screw top extension for more versatility. What’s nice about this bottle jack is that it’s engineered with drop forged alloy steel for durability. It also stands out because it has inner and outer welds for a leak-free construction. You’ll like using this jack because it has a glide-action pressure pump that helps you to lift with minimal effort. An oil-bypass and overload protection helps to prevent the hydraulic system from extending beyond its limits. This bottle jack is portable in an included blow molded carrying case. 

One drawback of this bottle jack is that the body of the jack may be too tall for some lower cars. It’s also hard to get the jack to release and lower back down once it’s raised. 

This short jack comes in a range of sizes, so you can buy the lifting capacity that you need for your vehicle. Choose from 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, 12-, 20-, 30-, and 50-ton capacity. It has a grooved saddle for more grip. Included is a folding handle for better portability. The top has an adjustable screw. The lift range for this jack is 6 11/16 to 13 inches. The critical stress points are heat-treated for strength and durability. This jack is ideal for use with cars, trucks, farm, and shop use. 

One drawback of this jack is that the yellow paint isn’t very durable and can begin to chip off. However, this doesn’t negatively affect the functioning of the jack. It also can be hard to lower, requiring a lot of weight or pressure to release. 


  • Consider how you want to use your bottle jack when deciding on which one to buy. Some jacks are specific in their purpose, such as lifting heavy vehicles, agricultural vehicles, or industrial equipment. 
  • Take into account the type of vehicle you want to lift. Sports cars are low to the ground, so you need a jack with low clearance. Trucks have a higher clearance, so you need a taller jack with a higher lift. 
  • Look at the build quality of the bottle jack. Most jacks are made out of either alloy steel or iron. Some use a combination of steel and iron. Your jack must be painted to prevent rusting. Higher-quality jacks also have handles or wheels for easier maneuverability. 


Q: When should I use a bottle jack?

A: While there are bottle jacks designed for low-clearance vehicles, they aren’t the best option. Floor jacks are a better choice for this purpose. They are best used with high-clearance vehicles with a lot of weight, such as trucks. They are ideal when you need a strong vertical lift. 

Q: How do bottle jacks work?

A: These jacks use hydraulics. There are two cylinders inside the body of the jack. You pump the handle, which moves the piston. As the piston moves, pressure increases. That pressure generates a force that lifts the shaft. The two cylinders use Pascal’s Law. You create pressure in the smaller canister, which then translates to pressure in the larger cylinder. Because the larger cylinder is bigger, it creates more pressure and lifting force that will lift your vehicle. 

Q: How do I use a bottle jack?

A: Move your bottle jack into the spot under your vehicle recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Make sure your vehicle is on flat level ground. Close the release valve, and adjust the saddle so that it touches the vehicle. Pump the handle until the jack lifts to your desired height. When you’re finished working on your vehicle, lower it by removing the handle and releasing the valve. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best bottle jack is the Powerbuilt All-in-One Bottle Jack. It’s designed for larger trucks and off-road vehicles with a taller height and larger base for greater stability. 

For a more affordable option, the Pro-Lift Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack has heat-treated critical stress areas and meets ANSI/PALD standards.

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