Best Bottle Jacks: Lift Your Truck with Ease

Get to work on your vehicle by lifting it with a bottle jack

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PUBLISHED ON December 23, 2019

You love working on your truck, but there are some tasks that you just can’t do with all four wheels on the ground. A bottle jack is the perfect portable solution for lifting your vehicle off the ground. A bottle jack is small and simple to use. All you need to do is buy the right one with the lifting power you need. Check out these bottle jacks to get your vehicle lifted sky high.

  • Best Overall
    Powerbuilt All-in-One Bottle Jack
    Combine your bottle jack and jack stand into one unit. This bottle jack has a safety bar that will lock the jack at your desired height. It comes in a two-ton or three-ton option.
    This jack is designed for large trucks and off-road vehicles. It has a wide base for greater stability. The safety bar increases functionality and safety while using the jack.
    The oil can leak out of the jack, which will render the jack useless. It also weighs more than other jacks, which can make it difficult to move.
  • Best Value
    Omega Hydraulic Bottle Jack
    Made of fabricated hard-cast steel, this jack uses a cross-type forged release valve to lift up to six tons. It also comes with overload protection.
    The cylinders are machined and polished and have die-cut threads to prevent leaks. The cross-type forged release valve ensures you have positive load control.
    There is a hydraulic plug that allows the fluid to drain, it can come loose, and the fluid will leak out. This renders the jack useless. The jack is also painted with lead paint, which can be harmful.
  • Honorable Mention
    Torin Big Red Hydraulic Stubby Bottle Jack
    This heavy-duty hydraulic lift is made from steel and has a heat-treated saddle. It has a maximum lift height of 11 inches. It has a 12-ton capacity.
    The long zinc-plated handle makes for easier pumping. This jack has a lower tractable height and higher lift height than other models.
    You may struggle to get the jack to release and lower back down when you’re finished with it. It may also lose its pressure over time if you leave it lifted.

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  • Consider how you want to use your bottle jack when deciding on which one to buy. Some jacks are specific in their purpose, such as lifting heavy vehicles, agricultural vehicles, or industrial equipment. 
  • Take into account the type of vehicle you want to lift. Sports cars are low to the ground, so you need a jack with low clearance. Trucks have a higher clearance, so you need a taller jack with a higher lift. 
  • Look at the build quality of the bottle jack. Most jacks are made out of either alloy steel or iron. Some use a combination of steel and iron. Your jack must be painted to prevent rusting. Higher-quality jacks also have handles or wheels for easier maneuverability. 


Q: When should I use a bottle jack?

A: While there are bottle jacks designed for low-clearance vehicles, they aren’t the best option. Floor jacks are a better choice for this purpose. They are best used with high-clearance vehicles with a lot of weight, such as trucks. They are ideal when you need a strong vertical lift. 

Q: How do bottle jacks work?

A: These jacks use hydraulics. There are two cylinders inside the body of the jack. You pump the handle, which moves the piston. As the piston moves, pressure increases. That pressure generates a force that lifts the shaft. The two cylinders use Pascal’s Law. You create pressure in the smaller canister, which then translates to pressure in the larger cylinder. Because the larger cylinder is bigger, it creates more pressure and lifting force that will lift your vehicle. 

Q: How do I use a bottle jack?

A: Move your bottle jack into the spot under your vehicle recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Make sure your vehicle is on flat level ground. Close the release valve, and adjust the saddle so that it touches the vehicle. Pump the handle until the jack lifts to your desired height. When you’re finished working on your vehicle, lower it by removing the handle and releasing the valve. 

Final Thoughts

The Powerbuilt All-in-One Bottle Jack is a powerful jack that will lift your vehicle with ease. If you need one that’s more budget-friendly, then the Omega Hydraulic Bottle Jack is a reliable alternative.