Best Tire Repair Kits: Fix Your Tire Without a Tow Truck

One kit to rule them all.

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Flat tires are just a part of life. They happen all the time, including the time when my Mk7 Volkswagen Golf R picked up five punctures in the span of what felt like two weeks, but was actually 6 months. Damn, sticky Bridgestones

Most everyone will experience a flat tire at some point in their driving career. And when you do, you have a few options. You can throw on a spare or call a tow truck. But what if your spare mysteriously ran away and you don’t have cell service? Or do you want to save a little cash and want to try and fix the tire instead of replacing it? That calls for a tire repair kit. Thankfully, these are pretty inexpensive, but you have a few options to sift through. Don’t worry, we’ve made it extremely easy to choose as there’s really only one we truly recommend.

Let’s talk about why Rhino USA’s Tire Repair Kit is the best out there and why you need it in your garage.

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Our Methodology

I could’ve chosen a number of tire repair kits that are available to you, as there are hundreds that’ll all do the job. And I’ve used a number of them over the last 20-plus years I’ve been driving cars and fixing them. I’ve had my hands on most of the common options. But in the end, I wanted to choose something that offered the most bang for your buck, along with offering the tools you actually need to get the job done not just for your car, but also motorcycle, UTV, and trailers. That’s why I went for the Rhino USA, but let me explain further.

Best Tire Repair Kits: Reviews & Recommendations

Best Overall: Rhino USA Tire Repair Kit

Rhino USA is a brand I know, trust, and use in my own garage, and the chief reason why I picked this tire repair kit. I have a number of the company’s products in my own garage and bought with my own money.

Why I put my money toward Rhino USA is not just because of the quality I’ve seen using the brand’s products, but because each piece of kit is backed by some truly excellent warranties. But what makes this tire repair kit earn my best overall pick is just how comprehensive it is, and even though it comes with a ton of pieces, it’s properly affordable.

At the base level, you get exactly what you need to repair and patch a tire. For that, all you need are tire plugs, glue, a plug punch, and the plug insertion tool (more on this in a second). Almost every kit will come with those items. But this kit is extensive, and you get the sort of tools that make fixing your tire a proper breeze. Included in this 86-piece kit are also pliers to remove whatever’s stuck in your tire, along with a tire pressure gauge, a razor to cut the plug, extra tire stem caps, the tire plug glue, and a few extra tools just to make your life easier.

The Rhino USA Tire Repair Kit also comes in a nice case that keeps everything together. That’s unlike most other kits which come in the sort of plastic packaging that makes it easy for stores to hang and represents a surefire way to lose all your stuff.

I’ve used this specific kit before, too, as I’ve repaired my own tire before a 1,000-mile road trip 30 minutes before I left. The plug held air throughout and made life far less complicated in that I didn’t have to find a shop open on a Sunday morning in Utah… And it was extremely helpful in repairing one of my father-in-law’s tires. The pliers came in clutch, as I didn’t have to rummage through his garage trying to find a pair, and the razor made my pocketknife obsolete. This is a kit that’ll last you a long time and save you money, time, and effort.

What I truly love about this kit, however, is the plug insertion tool design. Built into the tool, there’s a stopper that marks when you’ve fully inserted the plug. No more guessing. However, it gets better as one of the biggest issues with regular insertion tools is that it can pull the plug out when trying to remove it. You’re then left trying again and again until you get the plug to stay in the tire. With the Rhino USA tool, you use that built-in stopper to press against the tread while pulling up on the plug insertion tool’s handle at the same time which keeps the plug in the tire no matter what. It makes everything so damn easy, one of my children could do it without much training.

And best of all, this isn’t a “Buy once, cry once” situation, as at the time of writing, you get all of this for just $30. That’s a great deal and one that you can’t pass up. I cannot recommend this kit enough.

Honorable Mentions

If for whatever reason the Rhino USA kit is unavailable, these three tire repair kits will get the job done and get you back on the road. They’re all solid, are well-priced, but just not as good or extensive as the Rhino USA kit above.


Tire repair kits are usually affordable, never costing you more than $30 for a truly expansive kit like the Rhino USA one. But you can pick up a small kit for less than $10, too.


You’ve got questions. The Drive has answers.

Q: Do tire repair kits ruin the tire?

A: As long as they’re used correctly and you follow the instructions, tire repair kits shouldn’t ruin your tire. Most of these products are meant to be a temporary fix for damaged tires, so you’re going to ultimately need to replace your tire in the long run. 

Q: Is a tire plug as good as a patch?

A: While tire plugs might seem more secure than a rubber patch you stick on the inside of the tire, patches are actually considered the most durable repair option. Sure, plugs are a reliable fix, but tire repair patches last longer and tend to stay securely in place better.

Q: Can I drive a long distance with a plugged or patched tire?

A: Quick tire fixes aren’t meant to be used for long-distance driving. Whether you’ve applied a tire plug or tire patch, it’s best to only rely on these repairs for a few miles.

Q: How big of a hole can you patch in a tire?

A: Patches can safely cover holes up to a quarter-inch long in your tire. Anything bigger, and a quick patch fix likely won’t be as secure or hold in air as well.


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