In Pursuit Of The Perfect Lap With Jacky Ickx And Porsche’s New App

The new Porsche Track Precision App uses your car’s sensors to help you become a better track driver.

byBradley Brownell| UPDATED Mar 23, 2017 1:12 PM
In Pursuit Of The Perfect Lap With Jacky Ickx And Porsche’s New App

Porsche knows that a decent percentage of their customers like to run their cars on track, and when on track they want to eke out as much from their lap time as they possibly can. One of the easiest ways to make a faster lap time is to "tighten the nut behind the wheel", or make the driver better at track driving. In an effort to provide better instruction and easier to understand data, they've crafted an iPhone & Android app. The app is set up to communicate directly with your car to provide accurate lap timing, video analysis, interactive graphs and charts, and even a sort of ghost-lap feature to determine if the lap you're currently on is faster than your personal best. 

In the promotional video for the app, Porsche has brought in legendary ace racing driver Jacky Ickx to show off a few of the features included. Porsche has already mapped out over 130 worldwide racing circuits for the app to recognize. If you find yourself at one of the tracks that they have not yet mapped, you can create your own track file. If you happen to have built your own private race course in your back yard, the app can learn that, too. Not only can the app track your lap times and speeds, it can also keep track of engine revs, gear changes, throttle position, brake pedal pressure, steering angle, and cornering g-forces. All of that data can then be exported to your computer for intense analysis, or shared to your friends via social media to show off your lap times. 

If Jacky had been able to rely on this much data acquisition in the mid-1970s, would his lap times at Le Mans have been even faster? It's a distinct possibility. 

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