Tanner Foust Takes His Father’s Old 912E For A Spin

This Video Short Titled “A Gentleman’s Guide To Meditation” Is A Gorgeous Use Of Gigabytes

byBradley Brownell|
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Posted on Vimeo by Patrick Meade Jones, this video short is phenomenally shot, and gives a little bit of insight into the love that Tanner Foust shares with the car his father purchased new in 1976. A similar Talbot Yellow 912E resides in my own garage and I can confirm how easy it is to fall in love with one. This is the very rare and very beautiful shade on Tanner's car, and combined with the fact that his 912E is one of only about five-hundred built with a sunroof, his car is exceedingly rare. These cars are slow and not particularly powerful, essentially a Volkswagen Bus in a 911 suit, but they sure are endearing and fun to drive. 

This video is a bit on the artsy side with a series of gorgeous shots with an interesting score overlaying it. The videographer wisely chose to not punctuate the video with the sound Tanner's car makes, as the type-4 engine is not a particularly sonorous one. The visuals make up for the lack of exciting Porsche engine note, however. A beautiful canyon drive has become a beautiful glimpse of what it was like that day, that you can watch. It's got a vintage feel with film-like qualities. The fact is, it'll take you less time to watch this short than it will to read this. 

Opening on a quick donut, then following Foust on a long drive through some phenomenal corners on a fantastic California day, this is how a true car guy meditates. 

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