Porsche’s Cayman GT4 Shines In This Video, No Words Necessary

Let the Cayman speak for itself, and speak it will!

YouTube / BrianZuk

This might just be the most Perfect Porsche ever. There's just something about a Cayman GT4 that gets my own motor running. The car feels like it is just the right size, it feels like it knows what you're going to do before you do it, and it feels like it is absolutely in tune with the road below it. Of course, there are a few modifications that could be made, which is why Sharkwerks swapped a few cogs in the manual gearbox, fiddled with the exhaust, and pumped up the engine tune. They've taken a perfect car and made it more perfect. You can read more of my takes on the car by reading my first-drive review here. This video, however, is not about words, it's about the car and nothing else. There are revs, there are flybys, but there are no discussions and more importantly no annoying overlay music. It's just you and the car. Enjoy it!