Make It A YT December, Project YTSHARK Is For Sale

A decade-old Sharkwerks project resurfaces for sale, and it could be the bargain of the year

byBradley Brownell|
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I know that I've been promoting Sharkwerks a lot lately, but that is only because I am continually impressed by the quality of product that shop turns out, and because Sharky is such a nice and genuine character in the Porsche world. This project, however, is not a recent big-power build, this is one of the shop's first promotional cars built, and as luck would have it that car is now for sale just in time for the gift-giving season. Give yourself the gift of a Sharkafied 996 Carrera 2 this holiday season, I guarantee you won't regret it. This isn't any old 996 either, as the details that went into a build like this make all the difference. 

Back in 2006 it was decided that Sharkwerks would build a promotional car to help show off what they could do with a 996 or 997 Carrera chassis. Their aim was to build the ultimate 996 track-focused car, and judging by the spec sheet, they likely succeeded. Beginning with a bog-standard 1999 Carrera 2 6-speed in beautiful Glacier White, the shop then stripped the car down and kitted it out with all of the best bits. The first wave of modifications saw the car mounted with a set of Fikse multi-spoke wheels, European "smoked" sidemarkers, carbon fiber exterior mirrors, and a short shift kit. Then came the big stuff with round two, a Tubi exhaust system from the headers on down to the tips, an Evoms V-Flow intake, and some chassis bracing. The next step saw a lighting upgrade with an OEM Litronic Xenon retrofit, a set of rivet-on Ruf flares on all four corners, a GT3 Cup front bumper, and a massive GT3 Cup rear wing and euro 996 rear bumper to delete the US spec rubber bumperettes. Inside, the car got an OEM Porsche Tequipment roll bar, a set of GT3 carbon bucket seats, and aluminum pedals. Now we're getting somewhere.    

To handle the stresses of intensive track work, the car was equipped with a double-adjustable Moton Clubsport kit with remote reservoirs. Additional braking was needed to handle quick stops for lap after lap, and as such the Brembo F50 kit was installed to upgrade to larger two-piece rotors and larger yet lighter calipers. With a car that weighs a good bit south of 3000 pounds, this 996 should be among the best handling cars of that era. The listing for the car is on, and while it is certainly the same car that Sharkwerks built, it's ten years removed from its original build and there's no telling what kind of shape the car is in now.

Here's your chance to own one of the coolest 996 911's that exist! This was Alex's (owner of Sharkwerks) personal car he bought from a nice old lady in 2006 to create the ultimate 996 911 which they named "YTSHARK". Here's a quick write up about the build: 

As seen from the link above, the parts list is far too long to list from what Sharkwerks installed and there's more that has been added since (refreshed engine!, carbon fiber hood, alcantara interior, bluetooth radio w/ iPod connection, Momo removable steering wheel and much more). I have most original parts (hood, deck lid, seats. . .) that I will include.

This car is surprisingly comfortable on the street and could easily be driven every day if you constantly want a big smile on your face. Total mileage is 72k with only a few thousand miles and less than 3 track days since the Sharkwerks build in 2006 (sad for me and the previous owner)! The are 0 track days and under 6k miles since the engine refresh completed by BTM. I have receipts totaling over $11k which include the obvious reliability upgrades and everything else you would expect for $11k. Reason I'm selling - too many toys and not enough time to enjoy them all (also recently moved to SF and could use the extra space).

Happy to share more detail or show the car for anyone seriously interested, please no lowballers.

It sure sounds like this car has survived intact, and maybe even a little better off for it. The seller is asking $38,000 for this beast, and it might be the best thirty-eight grand you ever spend. Then again, a 996 could leave you in ruination. Buyer beware. 

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