Gemballa Unveils 828-Horsepower 911 Turbo S That Does 224 MPH

Gemballa built an 800-horsepower sleeper...out of a 911 Turbo S.


Last February, Porsche tuner GEMBALLA teased the "Avalanche," an over-the-top, 810-horsepower Porsche 991 Turbo with a disgusting bodykit that had Ferdinand Porsche turning in his grave and every Porsche purist foaming at the mouth. 


GEMBALLA has heard our cries loud and clear, and the new GTR 8XX Evo-R BiTurbo is anything but flashy. This "kit" is a nearly $60,000 option for the 997 (2010-2013) 911 Turbo S, bringing the total asking price for a 997-gen 'S (with GEMBALLA's modifications) close to that of a brand new equivalent. However, it's totally worth the price– the GTR 88XX Evo-R BiTurbo is as fast as its name is long.


The GEMBALLA Turbo S gets a massive boost to 823 horsepower and 952 lb-ft of torque, capable of accelerating it to 60 MPH in 2.4 seconds and up to 224 MPH, faster than the 918 Spyder hypercar. For reference, a regular 997 Turbo S makes 530 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque.

To achieve this impressive power increase, GEMBALLA couldn't simply rely on a transmission and engine control unit (ECU) tune. The Porsche tuner had to mess with the intake, reduce compression, upgrade the turbochargers, and swap out the pipes/valves to handle the extra load. GEMBALLA also added a sportier exhaust system to help the BiTurbo breath easier. 

Despite the monster under the hood, the Evo-R BiTurbo retains its regular, "unassuming" 911 looks, bar a set of aftermarket wheels. Sure it's still an exotic sports car, but at a car meet or in normal Los Angeles traffic, no one will know what this Turbo S is capable of.