Watch a Coal-Rolling Lifted Truck Driver Tailgate Their Way Into a Stupid Crash

Maybe they should have paid more attention to the road than their smokey exhaust.
via Reddit

You can tell when a diesel truck is about to roll coal. Typically, they’ll slow down suddenly, to give themselves enough space to nail the throttle, thus dumping as much fuel into their modified diesel engine as possible. That, in turn, will pump huge plumes of black smoke into the air and it’s typically done to taunt a nearby Prius, Tesla, or any other efficient hybrid or EV. It’s obnoxious, terrible for nearby air quality, and—in the case of this instant karma video—dangerous.

In this dashcam video posted by Redditor Zakkattack86, you see a lifted diesel pickup slow down dramatically on the highway, while sandwiched between an 18-wheeler and a dump truck. As it slowed down, black smoke started coming from the exhaust, signaling that coal was indeed about to roll. However, just as the coal-roller was about to floor the throttle, a car moved into the lifted pickup’s lane, ruining the their chance.

via Reddit

Clearly frustrated, the pickup truck driver then tailgated the car pretty hard, which is already obnoxious. But it seems as though they were either too distracted by their seething rage, stemming from their missed opportunity, or too focused on what little coal did in fact roll, to notice the median in front of them. The truck veered right just enough to hit the median head on, likely totaling it.

There’s no word on whether the truck’s passengers were hurt and hopefully everyone was safe. Thankfully, the pickup didn’t seem to hit any other cars, either. However, there’s very little sympathy found in the Reddit post’s comments section. Instead, it’s just filled with schadenfreude for the obnoxious, tailgating coal-roller and deservedly so. That crash was caused by pure stupidity, from start to finish, and that sort of stupidity could have gotten someone else killed.

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