This One-Owner 1957 Chevy Corvette Rescued From Storage Needs a New Home

It's not currently running, but it's a prime project for any C1 fan.
Bring A Trailer

Automotive design in the 1950s progressed through several transformations, peaking in 1957 with sharp, sculpted fins on cars like the Chevrolet Bel Air. Chevy was in full swing with its newish Corvette at the time, and 1957 continued its trajectory from the year before plowed ahead toward the C2 Sting Ray.

It’s a rare occasion to find a one-owner 1957 Corvette, but one has turned up on auction site Bring a Trailer. After sitting in storage for more than three decades, the ’57 is seeing the sun again and is ready for a serious refurbishment. It’s a bit worse for the wear, but its provenance is impressive and the bones are solid.

Even after all those years in limbo, the structure of the ‘Vette seems to have fared well for its age. It sports some obvious cosmetic blemishes, like torn upholstery and chipped paint. But I mean, there are plenty of 65-year-old humans out there with facelifts and tummy tucks too (no judgment).

A beautiful three-spoke steering wheel serves as the showpiece for the red dashboard, which is in remarkably good condition. The odometer shows 42,407 miles and the tachometer, fuel gauge, and push-button AM radio are all intact. Its owner added a removable body-colored hardtop and snaps on the tonneau cover.

The bill of sale from a dealership in Detroit is dated May 21, 1957, and is included in the sale along with warranty documents. The engine and transmission are not original to the vehicle. Unfortunately, no one knows the whereabouts of the components, and sadly, the original owner now suffers from dementia, so some of the car’s stories are locked in its frame forever.

“The family is excited to see the car get the love and attention it deserves,” the broker said in the comments section of the listing. “They appreciate…how this car was a chapter in their father/grandfather’s life.”

If you’re into it, know that the auction ends on Sunday, January 7. Listen, this is a project that will take a lot of love to get it running and beautiful again. For fans of the inimitable C1 who have the time and the means, it’s worthwhile.

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