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Quick Question: What Non-Driving Video Game Has the Best Cars?

After unexpectedly finding a toy BMW in GoldenEye, I started wondering about other fun car cameos in non-driving games.
Andrew P. Collins (Xbox screenshot)

Last week I jumped into the new Xbox One adaptation of the classic Nintendo 64 game GoldenEye to enjoy a little late-’90s nostalgia. While I was wandering its world of chunky polygons I noticed something I never had: A model of what looks like a BMW E24 (or maybe it’s an E30?) tucked decoratively into one of the levels.

It’s in a hut in the “Surface” mission, next to what looks like a model of an imitation Kawasaki KLR motorcycle. Andrew P. Collins, Xbox screenshot

A little cursory research revealed that this car model was in the original 1997 release of the game as well. Looks like somebody found this very Bimmer and shared it on Reddit recently, too. The BMW Z3 from the GoldenEye movie is notably absent from the game entirely; I do wonder why this vehicle in particular made its way to this random corner of the game.

While I would love to track down the game designer who snuck this clearly unlicensed car as a toy in a slightly off-piste area, that’s a bit of a long shot. Meanwhile, it got me wondering: What are the best cars you’ve seen in non-driving video games?