2024 Nissan Sentra Refresh Bumps Fuel Economy, Makes All Safety Tech Standard [Corrected]

The 2024 Nissan Sentra is the well-equipped second half of Nissan's cheap car duo.

As we said with the updated 2024 Nissan Kicks, the world needs more affordable cars. While SUVs like the Kicks are in vogue, not everyone wants or needs a taller car and would prefer a compact sedan. Enter the newly facelifted 2024 Nissan Sentra, a car that became a lot nicer in its current generation but still undercuts its competitors in price. Now, it has an expanded suite of standard features, an updated CVT, and better fuel economy. Best of all, it’s nearly the same price as the Kicks: $20,630 to be exact.

Correction: 09/23/23 5:00 p.m. ET: The original headline and story wrongly indicated the 2024 Nissan Versa was no longer being offered with a manual transmission. The headline and story have been updated to correct this. We regret the error.

OK, it might seem like we’re on a bit of a cheap (and boring) car roll here, but when the average price of a new car is nearly $50,000, folks need to know that affordable cars are still out there. And in the Sentra’s price range, every dollar counts. The Sentra undercuts its major competitors by thousands, with the base Toyota Corolla coming closest at $21,900 while the Honda Civic starts at $23,950. But the Sentra offers value, even if it is cheaper than its competitors.

Like the similarly priced 2024 Nissan Kicks, it gets some new stuff and a brace of standard features for the 2024 year. Where the Kicks gets a 1.6-liter engine, the Sentra gets a positively huge 2.0-liter by comparison. It’s also a hot rod (relatively speaking) compared to the Kicks: 149 horsepower to 122 hp. It gets 40 mpg highway, and generally outperforms the Kicks on paper for nearly the same amount of money.

You also get a standard suite of advanced driver’s assistance tech with blind spot monitoring, front and rear automatic emergency braking, and lane departure warning being the key systems. Higher trim Sentra models lose two mpg highway but gain a Bose eight-speaker stereo, 360-degree parking camera, and turn signals in the side mirrors. Fancy.

The Sentra is still a good example of a relatively nice, relatively inexpensive compact sedan. And in a world of SUVs, I think that’s worthy of celebration.

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