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GM EVs Will Switch To Tesla’s Charging Port By 2025

Adapters will also be offered in 2024 to allow current EVs from General Motors to use Tesla Superchargers.

In a Twitter Spaces call between Elon Musk and General Motors CEO Mary Barra, the latter announced that GM’s electric vehicles will switch to Tesla’s NACS charging standard by 2025. Before then, adapters to allow existing CCS-equipped GM vehicles to use Tesla Superchargers will arrive in the spring of 2024.

The news comes just weeks after Ford announced it will be switching to Tesla’s charging standard and likewise would offer adapters for CCS-equipped cars. It’s unclear if other automakers like Lucid, Rivian, and Stellantis will decide to switch to NACS or stick with CCS.

Barra says GM vehicles will still be able to use CCS-based chargers with an adapter after the change is made, as Teslas can currently. Both Musk and Barra said that GM’s actions will help EV adoption, as more chargers will be made available to more people. It will doubtlessly add some confusion on the part of prospective owners, though, and perhaps frustrate charging network operators.

The Cadillac Lyriq, which currently has a CCS port, is one of GM’s cars that will make the switch by 2025. Cadillac

Tesla’s Supercharger network is far more mature than those operated by the likes of Chargepoint, Electrify America, or EVGo. Supercharger stations are notably more reliable and robust as well. It makes sense that legacy automakers would want to use it.

GM recently announced its dealers would install thousands of Level 2 chargers around the country, which cannot charge as fast as Tesla’s Superchargers or high-speed chargers like those operated by most charging networks. Barra did not say whether or not these chargers would be equipped with the CCS connector or switched to NACS.

Whatever happens, you’re gonna want to buy an adapter as soon as they’re available. The U.S. now basically has two charging standards, and to get the most out of EV ownership, you’ll want access to both.

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