Driver’s Ed Instructor Fired After Crashing Into the School Building

It was only their second day on the job. There isn't going to be a third.
Lakewood Police Department

I’ve never been a driving instructor, so correct me if I’m wrong, but I have a feeling that crashing into the driving school’s building is frowned upon. Unfortunately for one rookie instructor in Lakewood, Colorado, that’s exactly what they did. Thankfully no one was severely hurt. Unsurprisingly, though, that rookie instructor is now a former rookie instructor.

The former instructor was pulling up to the driving school for a in-class training session when they somehow accidentally drove through the front of the building in their personal Hyundai Tucson. It was only their second day on the job, according to Denver7.

Lakewood Police Department claims there was only one minor injury, and several people were able to “dive out of harms way,” in a caption to a Pulitzer Prize-worthy Twitter photo. There may never be a greater visual depiction of irony than seeing a car crashed through a driving school building, with a “Learn to Drive” sign above. As The Autopian points out, there’s even a giant “X” in the sky, from the contrails of two crossing planes, as if to mark the incident for all to see.

Twitter user TrainedMarxist claims to be the owner of a smoke shop in the same strip mall as the driving school and posted security footage they claim to be of the incident. If the footage is accurate, it shows the Tuscon slowly pulling into the parking spot and then suddenly accelerating through the building.

The instructor is no longer employed by Community Driving School, said owner Steve Rohman.

I do feel bad for that former instructor, though. Their next driving school interview is going to be awkward, to say the least, when they’re asked why their last job only lasted two days. A different field of employment is likely in their future.

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