Colton Herta to Race His Father’s Vintage Livery for IndyCar Finale at Laguna Seca

Herta has the chance to break his dad's record at Laguna Seca while paying tribute to him.
Andretti Motorsport

Back in May, IndyCar driver Colton Herta gave his father, former IndyCar driver Bryan Herta, an incredible touching birthday gift—his old Laguna Seca-winning IndyCar. It wasn’t a replica, it was the real deal, the numbers-matching Reynard Ford Cosworth race car. In return, Bryan Herta just surprised his son by giving his current number 26 Andretti Motorsports Honda a livery to match.

Colton Herta will use his dad’s livery during this year’s Monterey grand prix at Laguna Seca on the September 10, the 25th anniversary of Bryan Herta’s win at the same legendary circuit. Longtime fans of the sport will appreciate seeing the old black, white, and yellow livery race again.

“That is sick, wow,” said the youngest Herta in a video by Andretti Motorsport, after seeing his car wrapped in his father’s race-winning livery for the first time. It isn’t an exact replica, as it isn’t possible to use all of the same sponsors from 1998, but it’s close enough to be instantly recognizable. “I think it looks better,” Colton Herta joked to his father.

It isn’t just Colton Herta’s car that will look like his father’s. Along with his car, the youngest Herta will be wearing a racing suit that pays tribute to the one his father wore on the podium in Monterey 25 years ago.

Both Hertas have two wins each at Laguna Seca, so this year’s Monterey grand prix could act as a tie-breaker. If Colton Herta can snag his third win at the iconic circuit, he’ll officially one-up his father, while wearing the same livery. As a father myself, it’s hard to not get emotional about such an incredibly touching moment, regardless of whether Colton Herta wins. However, if he does win—and a son breaks his father’s racing record while paying tribute to him—it will likely become one of the most special moments in recent IndyCar history.

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