All Right, Who Asked for a Mustang Mach-E Hearse?

The builder states it's a "more environmentally sound choice" than existing gas-powered hearses.
Coleman Milne

When I’m decomposing in the ground, I’m not going to be super concerned about the carbon emissions my hearse just put out, but other people are different. Their final journey must be emissions-free. Lucky for them, British coachbuilder Coleman Milne has an answer: Its new Ford Mustang Mach-E-based hearse, which is a part of its so-called “Etive” collection. It’s certainly something.

First spotted by Autoblog, he Etive hearse is based on the small-battery 75-kWh Mach-E, and as such it has around 200 miles of range and 255 horsepower at the rear wheels. Not that range is a prime consideration for a hearse. It also features all the stuff you would expect to find in such a casket-bearing vehicle such as a “flat full-length deck and three full-size bearer seats.”

It’s unclear if the Etive hearse is in production yet, but the company has provided a few renders. As well as the hearse, Coleman Milne is also producing a limousine version of the Mach-E. It’s only slightly more attractive than the hearse.

This is not the first electric hearse, to be clear. Several hearses based on Teslas have been built, although most of them seem to have been built as one-offs or in small quantities. The Etive hearse is being built by a well-established coachbuilder, so it’s likely a reasonable number will be constructed.

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