Clever Georgia Tech Students Build a Chainsaw-Powered Tricycle

"Hey baby, need a ride to class?"

Finding an affordable means of transportation in college can be difficult. Between the cost of books, classes, boarding, food and shenanigans, it is often hard to pay for your 15-year old-Jeep. However, go to a school like Georgia Tech and you have plenty of academic resources to help remedy that problem…like a welding torch and steel. 

Anyways, the creative chaps decided to take a Radio Flyer trike and convert it into a chainsaw-driven “trikesaw.” After reinforcing the frame, welding on a drivetrain, making a mount for the engine, and attaching places for their feet, the inventors were ready to hit the main streets of the college.

Even though the invention was small in size, it sounds like a flannel-wearin’ lumberjack is barreling through campus as the trike’s rider applies a death grip to the chainsaw’s throttle to make it up hills. The invention comes together surprisingly well, and appears to be running smoothly…aside from some minor issues like a lack of brakes.

The clever students seem to have a few other ideas about small-scale transportation. Towards the end of the video, the trikesaw is joined by a gas-powered Little Tikes car…which seems equally sketchy. Guess longboards are no longer the cool way to get around campus. Long live gas-powered toys.