Teen Uses Whitehall Police Internship to Ask Girlfriend to Prom

A nerve-wracking traffic stop quickly turned into a happy moment.

byMax Goldberg|
Teen Uses Whitehall Police Internship to Ask Girlfriend to Prom

Prom is a big day for a lot of high school students and they tend to treat “the question” like a proposal. Rather than the simple note in the locker, kids have gotten pretty creative.

Recently Wesley Wade from Reeths-Puffer High School in Michigan used his connection from an internship at Whitehall Police Department to ask his girlfriend, Samantha Vallier, to senior prom. The small department appears to have formed a nice relationship with the young man, enough to help him ask his high school sweetheart to the big night.

Whitehall Police Department initiated a traffic stop on Vallier while Wade was in the car. You can hear that Vallier is nervous throughout the ordeal, blaming Wade for the stop and seemingly having a little freak-out episode. After routine questioning and a moment in his cruiser, the officer returns to the vehicle and gives Vallier a fake ticket with the words, “Will you go to prom with Wes” printed under violation description.

The location field was also filled out with where the prom was going to be but it appears it takes Vallier a few seconds to understand what is going on. Long story short, Wade is going to prom with Vallier on May 6th and now he has a station full of guys ready to razz him about his senior prom.