Honda Donates Two Africa Twin Motorcycles to Redondo Beach Police Department

The agile adventure bikes will be a welcomed addition to the progressive police department.

byMax Goldberg| PUBLISHED May 24, 2017 1:53 PM
Honda Donates Two Africa Twin Motorcycles to Redondo Beach Police Department

Redondo Beach Police Department has proven to be a forward-thinking department with their strong community impact through social media, beach patrol and an overall "behind the badge" kind of vibe. Their motto is "we are the community, leading the way in law enforcement," and given that choice of words they feel driven to explore new forms of policing. Since Redondo Beach is located, well, on the beach, the department has utilized motorcycles and side-by-sides to effectively police hard-to-reach areas, seeing as how a patrol car isn't exactly a good fit for soft sand.

Several years ago, Honda Community Relations donated a pair of side-by-sides to the RBPD to help protect the community, and their partnership proved to be beneficial. In recent years Redondo Beach has utilized Honda ST1300 motorcycles to police their community, but according to Chief Keith Kauffman, the department is looking to invest in a more agile unit.

That is where the Honda Africa Twin comes into play; the 998cc adventure motorcycle is smaller, lighter and more nimble than the conventional police motorcycle, perfect for a place like Redondo Beach. There is no question that this motorcycle can quickly respond to incidents and tackle stairs with ease.

Another unique feature is that the Africa Twin is equipped with an automatic dual clutch transmission, so officers can focus on other tasks like radio use and pursuing a suspect. In order to better suit the department, RBPD will be sending the two motorcycles to bike customizer Roland Sands for further upfitting. 

And if all goes well, there is a good chance the department will invest in more of the adventure bikes. Good luck with the new motorcycles Redondo Beach Police Department, and stay safe.