New Survey Reveals White is the World's Favorite Car Color

Black follows as a close second, covering 18 percent of all cars.


When purchasing a car, most people take the vehicle’s color into heavy consideration. Often times consumers only look at the color of car and general size when deciding what car is right for them. After looking at a study done by Chosun Media, it becomes clear white is the most popular car color.

Accounting for 37 percent of all cars on the road, white is clearly a favorite amongst motorists around the globe. However, black plays a close second, taking up 18 percent of all cars on the road. Third place is a tie, with gray and silver each with 11 percent of the total. (This information was gathered from Axalta Coating Systems; you can see more of the details from the study below.)

One color really worth noting is red. According to the infographics, red makes up 10 percent of cars in North America, nearly double every other country. Although certain countries had different preferences, it is interesting to see the top three never really change order throughout the world.

Chosun Media
Chosun Media