California Police Find Two Calves Stuffed Inside a Honda Civic

One in the trunk, one under the back seat. 


We at The Drive would imagine that most calls police receive about animals on the side of probably highways involve wayward deer or some gross roadkill, but this situation was slightly different. California Highway Patrol units responded to a call of a cow attempting to climb out of a parked car on the side of an interstate Saturday, Fox News reports.

Police found the car on the side of a mountain pass off I-10 in Beaumont, California Saturday morning. Inside the car was one calf stuffed in the leg area between the front seats and the second-row seats, and another one in the trunk area attempting to climb out of the open hatch, according to Fox News. Both animals were found with their hooves tied. 


When police arrived at the scene, there was no driver in sight. The car's registration leads back to an address more than 250 miles away from where the car was found, according to the report.

For now, the calves will be taken care of at a ranch while police look for the owner.