French Study: 76 Percent of People Have Had Sex in Cars

Valentine’s Day Journalism: According to the French, the automobile is basically just a rolling boudoir.

byCharles Kahn-Mann|
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There is a publication based in France—the country in which the physical act of love was invented—called Minute Auto. This morning, on the occasion of Valentine's Day, a French friend of ours sent us this Minute Auto story that indicates conclusively that the vast majority of people in France (according to 705 men and 753 women polled in France) have engaged in sexual congress in cars.

Since we don't speak French, we used Google to translate the story into english, and the results are tres révélateur.



the salient points, directly.

  • "It is just as high if we believe our bums: 87% of motorists have already kissed by car."
  • "76% of them went so far as to make love in their vehicle. This cliché persists and signs!"

Of course, merely owning a car does not guarantee that you will have sex in it. The MinuteAuto story emphasizes, via Google Translate, that the type of car you drive is important. 

  • "Women also judge men according to their car. They are even more numerous (82%) to have been seduced by a person driving a beautiful car." 
  • "A judgment that men makes them well with 74% of male drivers judging the opposite sex according to their automobile."

Tuner cars are also considered in the Minute Auto survey, where the research revealed a critical gender gap.  

  • "88% [of women] are simply fleeing men with customized vehicles."