Watch This Motorcycle Rider Flip Into a Truck's Bed—Along With His Bike

You can wear all the protective gear in the world when you ride, but you could still wind up in trouble if you leave your mind at home.

Dash Cam Owners Australia/Youtube

Riding a motorcycle requires a lot of attention in order to prevent the whole, you know, dying thing. Although the rider in this video captured on an Australian dashcam appears to be wearing all the appropriate protective gear, he may have left his mind back at home.

Australian Motorcyclist Does Gymnastics Into Pickup Bed

The video below shows a motorcycle operating behind what seems to be a Toyota pickup in moderate traffic when the rider lets his mind wander and ends up in the pickup bed. Although the pickup did brake abruptly or make any kind of erratic movement, the rider still ended up in the bed. The motorcycle does a reverse wheelie after a little bit of a death wobble, then goes end-over-end into the truck’s bed.

From the video, it appears the operator is unscathed from the close call—but he will definitely think twice before zoning out. 

Have you ever seen an accident similar to this? If so, post the video or tell the story in the comments below.