Watch This Moron Crash Doing a Motorcycle Donut in a Car Wash

There’s a time and a place for that, and buddy, this ain’t it.

byKyle Cheromcha|
Watch This Moron Crash Doing a Motorcycle Donut in a Car Wash

Burnouts on their own can be tricky business, but subtract two wheels and things can take a turn for the worse in hilariously quick fashion. Listen, even if the Multiverse Theory is correct, here's some definitive proof that there's no universe where attempting to pull off a motorcycle donut within the concrete-walled confines of a self-service car wash bay is a good idea. 

Captured on security cameras somewhere in Australia, the video shows two bays at the car wash, with our intrepid hero on the right side. It appears he's just finished washing his sportbike and simply can't resist trying to lay down a donut on that wet, soapy floor. Maybe he'd previously tried (and failed) on dry pavement, and figured the slippery conditions would help him out. Oh, if only.

The secret star of the video is the guy washing his Holden Commodore in the left bay, who immediately peeks around the dividing wall when he hears the bike's engine rev to watch the spectacle. He's justly rewarded when the bike's back tire catches a bit of dry ground about a third of the way through the donut, launching man and motorcycle into the wall with gusto. The unfortunate biker struggles to get up and right the ship before limping off into the night.

He seems fine, but his pride is mortally wounded. It's hard to pick a favorite part here—the bystander throwing up a "cut it" hand motion just before it goes south, the juxtaposition between the biker's geared-up "I'm a professional" outfit and his boneheaded move, the way the bike's turn signal sadly blinks as he flees the scene, and the small pile of smashed parts he leaves behind in the wash bay are all truly choice.

But the best part might be the way the other guy just goes back to washing his Holden at the end, probably thinking to himself, Wow. No one will ever believe this.