Watch an Airplane's Engine Explode into Sparks at New York's JFK Airport 

The Argentina Airlines jetliner was sitting on a runway when the engine apparent overheated and caught fire with a bang. 

Officials are investigating after a pilot of an Argentina Airlines flight reported an engine fire Thursday night while the plane was readying itself for takeoff at John F. Kennedy International Airport—and the whole incident was caught on video, NBC 4 New York reports. 

As seen on video, Argentina Airlines Flight 1301 was on a runway when sparks flew up from one of the aircraft's engines and left a bright glow underneath the aircraft. When emergency responders from the Port Authority of New York showed up, there was no fire to be found, NBC 4 reports. Apparently, an engine on the plane caught fire after it overheated while motionless on the runway, Daily Mail reports.

Fire crews said the original call they were responding to was because "flames shot out from the plane's engine," Daily Mail reports. 

All passengers remained on the plane during the incident and the aircraft returned to its gate for further investigation.

No one was injured.