Tom Brady and Aston Martin Are Teaming Up on Something Mysterious

A video reveals the five-time New England Super Bowl champion and the British automaker are joining forces, but it's not clear what Brady and Aston are working on.

Tom Brady, fresh off his fifth Super Bowl win, is partnering with Aston Martin on a mysterious project, according to a new teaser video the British automaker released to Facebook after the big game on Sunday night.

The video is rife with beauty shots of Aston's DB11 speeding around corners and a few shots of a football player entering a field and taping his fingers. Superimposed on the video is text that reads the following: "Beautiful is powerful. Beautiful is dedicated. Beautiful is achieving greatness. Tom Brady and Aston Martin."

There's no more detail, unfortunately, but a partnership between one of America's football greats and an English automaker seems a bit contrived at surface level. That said, leveraging an American hero to sell Astons in the United States does make sense. 

More details are likely to come soon, but we at The Drive expect the Tom Brady-Aston Martin combo to result either a touchdown...or a fumble.