Watch a Pagani Zonda Get Rear-Ended…by Someone Filming It

Supercars are generally camera-worthy…but maaaaybe don’t try and hang out of your truck to get a sick portrait mode video.

byAaron Brown|
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When coming across an exotic car in the wild, common reactions are to stare in awe, jump at your phone to grab a picture, or maybe even shout "sick ride" at the driver of the vehicle. The thing is, if you're going to do any of those things while behind the wheel of a car of your own, there's a good chance you're putting yourself and other motorists at risk. In fact, it might even lead to you rear-ending a Pagani.

A truck was captured on video ramming into the back of a Pagani Zonda F in Uruguay as traffic jammed in front of the Italian supercar. One of the truck's occupants was filming the Zonda when the crash occurred, which likely added a layer of distraction for whoever was piloting the big-rig. 

From the video, it's unclear how severe the damage was to either of the vehicles involved. But on a car with as much carbon fiber as a Zonda, our best guess is whatever it was, there probably isn't a cheap fix.

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