Teens Steal and Crash Two Hellcats and Lyft Is 50 Percent Off During Election Day: The Evening Rush

Plus, the ultimate survival kit by Uncharted Supply Co.

byMax Goldberg| PUBLISHED Nov 7, 2016 10:55 PM
Teens Steal and Crash Two Hellcats and Lyft Is 50 Percent Off During Election Day: The Evening Rush

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Tomorrow is Election Day and regardless of what your political position is, it is your duty to vote. For those of you who rely on mass transit, Lyft is offer 50% off rides to polling locations. The discounted service will be offered in 20 markets and will only extend during election hours. Once you punch your ticket, be prepared to pay full price again.

German publication, Bild am Sonntag has stated that Audi had been using transmission-linked defeat devices to give love carbon dioxide readings while undergoing testing. According to CARB, the software forces the transmission to go into a “low performance” mode that does not deactivate until the wheel is turned more than fifteen degrees (normal driving). No word on legal actions, but we will be sure to keep you posted.

We all love the Dodge Hellcats, but we also understand that they are 707-hp monsters that can get away from you in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, three teens from Missouri didn’t have the same God-given common sense that we were all blessed with. According to police reports, the three teens stole two Dodge Challenger Hellcats from a dealership and proceeded to wreck them almost instantaneously. Essentially, these clowns only got to the cowbell part of Lowrider before wrecking. Pro tip: don’t steal cars.


According to Uncharted Supply Co. 95% of survival situations are resolved within 72 hours. With that in mind, Uncharted Supply Co. has made a pack that has everything you need to survive the first 72. Made by a team of doctors, first responders and climbers, The Seventy2 has lighters, knives, a first aid kit, gloves, everything that you could possibly need to live. This is definitely an item I would consider having in the back of my truck.

Uncharted Supply Co

If you are in the market for a metal storage container, Best Made Co should be on your list. This powder-coated steel storage container is perfect for storing larger tools, cloths or even your outdated DVD collection. Whatever you decide to store, the Best Made Co. Footlocker will do it in style.


Flannel season is finally upon us. Although I am assuming you already have a solid collection of flannels, it is a scientific fact that you can never own too many. Do yourself a favor and head on over to Steep & Cheapand take advantage of their sale on flannels.

Lime Rock Park’s schedule for Winter Autocross has finally been released. If you haven’t spent a day getting sideways the historic Lime Rock Park, we highly recommend you sign up for one of the available days.

Lime Rock Park