Jeremy Clarkson Will Pop By the Game of Thrones Set on The Grand Tour

As you can see, he‘s already a member of House Baratheon. 

byWill Sabel Courtney| PUBLISHED Aug 24, 2016 8:52 PM
Jeremy Clarkson Will Pop By the Game of Thrones Set on The Grand Tour

As part of his new Amazon show The Grand Tour, Jeremy Clarkson will venture across the Narrow Sea to the set of Game of Thrones for a bit, according to TGT producer Andy Willman. Considering the next season of Game of Thrones has been delayed a few months while the crew waits for winter to, y'know, come, the news should come as a balm for those who share a love for the hit HBO series and the antics of the the ex-Top Gear crew. 

But this news creates far more questions than answers. For starters, we have no idea which part of the epic GoT set Clarkson will be popping by. Will it be the Croatian city of Dubrovnik, which plays the city of King's Landing? The Spanish landscapes that fill in for Dorne? The Irish countryside that's used to replicate the cold, barren north of House Stark?

And will any members of the expansive Game of Thrones cast pop by for a quick cameo? We doubt Clarkson & Co. would go for anything as cheesy as having Emilia Clarke swoop in on a CGI dragon, but seeing Peter Dinklage roll up in an F-Series Super Duty towing seven tons of wine would be pretty entertaining. Or perhaps Clarkson could give Kit Harrington a snow-driving lesson in his Infiniti Q60. After all, he knows nothing

Willman, who dropped the tantalyzing nugget of news at the Edinburgh International Television Festival going on this week in Scotland, didn't say much else about Jezza's visit to the GoT set, but he did serve up a few other tidbits about The Grand Tour. The show's first season of 12 episodes begins later this year; that run is already 90 percent in the can. While the show isn't cheap, Willman said reports that it costs £4 million per episode were, and we quote, "bollocks." And every episode of the show will be available in 4K resolution, finally giving us the long-awaited chance to count the pores on James May's face.