Take a Stand for JDM Van Freedom! Buy Our ‘Come And Take It’ Delica T-Shirt

Maine's recent move is an injustice to Delica-owning locals, but also a threat to JDM enthusiasts and importers nationwide.

The State of Maine is de-registering Mitsubishi Delicas and no one’s sure why. The quirky cabover van adored by legions of fans for its funky styling and impressive off-road chops is currently under threat. With this injustice happening right now and Delica owners feeling forced to get rid of their rides, now’s the time to speak up. Behold “Come and Take It,The Drive’s newest collection, on sale now.

The design is simple and it’s all about sending a direct message to this nonsense going on in Maine: take the Delicas from their owners’ cold, sweaty hands.

The Drive

It’s still unclear what made the state’s government pick on the Delica precisely, as we reported in our deep-dive coverage of the situation. Enthusiasts are currently exploring several avenues to get answers to this and other questions surrounding JDM imports that are legal under the United States’ 25-year rule. But perhaps, the most worrying thing at this moment is that other states could also follow suit and excommunicate Delicas from public roads.

This new t-shirt design can be yours for the low and reasonable price of $25 plus $5 shipping. What a deal! It also comes as a sticker, if you’d rather show how you feel about this threat to JDM enthusiasts and importers across the nation on your car’s bumper, or perhaps your very own adventure van.