‘Sorted’ Is the New Show That Lets Modified Car Experts Figure Out If They Really Are

Emelia Hartford, Matt Farah, Rob Ferretti and Tanner Foust push rad builds to the test in a car show that's worth the watch.

Modified car owners are so proud of what they’ve built, but few projects seem to get really and truly sorted. That’s the premise of the new web show, aptly named Sorted, where a star-studded cast of car experts pushes owners’ builds to the limit to determine which car out of all the entrants’ is the most livable, trackable and all-around together.

“We define ‘sorted’ as a car that just works,” co-host Matt Farah explains in the first episode, which is live now along with episode two. “You should be able to hand the keys to someone like me without too much explanation. It should work on the street and the track. It should work in the cold. It should work in the hot and humid Florida sun like we’re dealing with today.” 

What’s great about this show is that the hosts aren’t just a bunch of video-friendly faces, but rather, they’re a crew who interacts with modified cars on a regular basis. 

Matt Farah has been driving all kinds of home-built delights on The Smoking Tire for ages and doesn’t shy away from taking on projects of his own. Emelia Hartford’s YouTube channel is a delight, showcasing the latest mods she’s doing to her own fleet. Rob Ferretti, whose channel is hosting Sorted, catapulted to car-world fame by featuring fast and often modified cars breakin’ the law on his SuperSpeeders series and continues to feature builds on his YouTube channel. 

That combined experience definitely inspired this show. 

“The idea is from a combination of me driving fans’ cars for [The Smoking Tire] One Takes…and Rob’s project car challenge from a couple years ago,” host Matt Farah told The Drive. “The fans [were] always telling me the [One Take] cars were fully sorted with that being a highly questionable claim.” 

The series’ hired hotshoe for track tests is pro rally driver and drifter Tanner Foust. If there’s any kind of motorsport that tends to feature less-than-sorted modified cars, it’s definitely drifting. 

So far, it’s a lot of fun. There will be east and west coast shootouts to see which car from either region is the most together, then a final where they figure out, once and for all, which car in the season is the most sorted. First up were the eight east coast contenders who brought roughly 8,000 horsepower among the group, including a 2,000-horsepower Dodge Viper and a big-turbo 1JZ-swapped Lexus IS300 that was driven down from Buffalo, New York, to the show’s starting point in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

The hosts were already grilling owners on things that were done well or might fail for these higher-horsepower builds, such as cheaper knock-off wheels, interesting turbo placements, sketchy-looking zip ties and stock brakes. 

They’ve also noted some parts where the east coast cars might struggle in different tests, like obvious drag racing setups or excessively stripped interiors. While I’m personally all about that bare-bones project beater life, one of Sorted‘s tests is about how pleasant the cars are to drive on the street.  

I’m already rooting for the track-build BMW 135i, given that the owner’s “might as well” attitude towards fixing and upgrading things while he’s fixing whatever just broke is also what’s holding up my Porsche’s engine rebuild. Oops! Anyway, go BMW go!

It’s YouTube-only for now, so watch out for more episodes on the superspeedersRob channel here

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