This $1.9M Home With a Private Airstrip Could Be Your Very Own Top Gear-Style Racetrack

This place has everything.

byPeter Holderith|
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You know, I'm getting tired of this I-don't-own-an-airstrip way of life. I've been watching a bit of Top Gear lately and I think it's about time I pulled the trigger on some new digs. And just like there are listings for office space or islands, there are listings for land with airstrips. Now, I'm not talking about buying something like John Travolta's house, I'm referring to something a bit more quaint. How does Scranton, Pennsylvania sound?

The property is not exactly in Scranton, but it's the closest city to the property. And although The Drive's big boss Mike Spinelli tells me the commute to New York City is a hair too far for him at around two hours, he clearly did not calculate that number when traveling via helicopter. Amateur hour. 

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I'm also not just suggesting this $1.875-million property strictly because of the runway. There are also a ton of other amenities to speak of, such as a 10-acre lake that is stocked with fish, two tennis courts, a hangar, and office space. There's also an option to buy a few extra barns around the land which appear to be finished and in reasonably good shape. Also, that commute issue is solved by the fact that there's a house to be had along with the various other buildings.

The real party piece here is the runway though. Not only is there a big stretch of straight asphalt, but there's also taxiways on either side of it that are starting to look more and more like a racetrack. It must be something to do with how runways are laid out, but my ideal design for a short circuit around the airstrip is somewhat similar to Top Gear's, actually.

The runway is also not the whole story as far as the land goes—it takes up a fraction of the total 268-acres that are up for sale. A lot of the property is wooded then, which may seem like an obstacle for some, but it actually just puts us one bulldozer rental away from a rally stage. You can also tell by the listing's pictures that the current owner would approve of my plan. My kind of peeps.

What he likely wouldn't approve of is my plan to knock down/rip out that office ASAP. That place just looks like it's seen the business end of one too many cigarettes. More than one too many, actually. There are also other buildings that could be used for office space, so maybe we can just lock the door to the current office and never go inside. 

But besides the extremely brown 1970s office, this whole property seems priced about right at nearly $1.9 million. I mean, it's still a ton of money, but you're getting a personal racetrack/space to put all of your toys. If you want more information about the property, you can read the official listing here, but I will warn you that it will not be up for long. I already have plans to take out a massive loan against my parent's house for the down payment on a mortgage to get this place. 

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