Watch These Guys Draw TVR’s New Sports Car out of Tape

It’s a first glimpse at the face of TVR’s savior. Also, a chance to feel really bad about your artistic skills.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
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TVR will finally return to the production car world next year, and the car maker needs to come out swinging if it has any hopes of surviving. That means cars that are fast, fun, and fatally attractive. We can't speak to the first two yet, but if this first peek at the car's front end is anything to go by, the last concern isn't going to be a problem.

TVR gave the world its first look at their new car's front end in a YouTube video released May 9, but the company went about it in an unorthodox way. Instead of showing a CGI rendering or a shadowy front shot, as most manufacturers would, TVR had several of their designers draft a mural of the new car sandwiched between two classic TVR models.

While we won't know what the car is like to drive until it hits the streets, the few details we do know already have us drooling all over our keyboards. Power will be provided by a Cosworth-tuned version of Ford's 5.0-liter Coyote V8, making even more power than it does in the likes of the Mustang GT and F-150. More interestingly, the new TVR will be the first sports car to build its carbon-fiber body using Gordon Murray's iStream construction method, which has the potential to make carbon- and glass-fiber auto body construction vastly more affordable than current methods.

But as cool as it is to see the face of TVR's new sports car for the very first time, it's even cooler to watch the designers bring it to life. You might not realize it from the image above, but those guys aren't using pens, markers, or brushes. They're using nothing but slack drafting tape. Considering our visual artistic talent peaked in third grade, creating a mural like this using only adhesives sounds trickier than advanced calculus.

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