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Tesla Has a Flashing Rainbow Light Hidden in its Charge Ports

Yet another Easter egg turns up in the Model S and Model X.

We’ve know for a while that Elon Musk and the rest of the Tesla team enjoy hiding Easter eggs in the car maker’s Model S and Model X vehicles, but we didn’t realize they meant the term quite so literally. Only a few weeks after the car maker revealed a secret Mario Kart-inspired “rainbow road” setting for the dashboard, a host of Tesla owners have discovered a colorful little secret tucked away in the software that controls the lighting around their electric cars’ charging ports: a flashing, Easter-colored light show.

According to the YouTube videos posted in the last few days showing the feature in action, activating the hidden feature is simple enough: Once the car is locked and charging, press the release button on the charger plug 10 times in rapid succession and the light that surrounds the charging plug—which normally glows a calming shade of blue or a Hal Jordan-esque shade of green—rapidly cycles through the ROY-G-BIV spectrum for about 10 seconds before returning to its default state.

The Easter egg can reportedly be found on both the Model S and the Model X, but apparently it’s only present on newer versions of the cars. It’s not clear just how new a car has to be to have the feature, though. So if you have easy access to a Tesla, quietly give it a try the next time you plug the car in. If nothing happens, no one will know your shame.