The Ultimate Nürburgring Crumpilation is a Lesson in How Not to Drive in the Rain

It's called countersteer, folks.

Nurburgring Crashes

There are so many good sounds in racing, including rev, whirr, squeal, click, and whooeeeeeee. Then, there are the undesirables: screech, crunch, BAM, wham, and craaaack. All the latter are on full display in this luscious supercut of rainy-day crashes on the famed Nürburgring. From the looks of things, all the footage was taken not during an official race, but during a Touristfahrten session, when anybody with a licensed auto, rental or otherwise, can take to the track for a mere 29 euros. That means Renaults, Seats, and E36 3-Series with what look to be moms in the front seat taking to the Green Hell alongside the the more expected Porsche 911s, Aston Martins, and BMW M3s.

To make the mishaps extra humiliating, a large crowd is usually gathered at particularly difficult kinks, cheering heroic saves and jeering foolish driving. While we're not arrogant enough to think that we could steer out of any of these slides—particularly on a rain-soaked blind curve—we have to say it: you have to countersteer, folks. Don't accept the spin. Fight it!