Preschooler Hoon Drifts BMW 5-Series

Kid's got chops.

You’ll have to pack away your moral outrage for this one. Curb the PTA rhetoric, let your better instincts fade away. Yes, what you’re about to see isn’t a particularly safe thing to do. And, yes, it involves a child. But, hey, at least it's supervised. Also, the kid in this video looks really, really happy.

Of course he is. According to the video description, this little hoon’s only three-years old, preschool aged, and he’s got an old E34 BMW 5-Series and an open parking lot at his disposal. And, as anyone who's ever held the keys to a rear-drive sedan and looked over a swath of unoccupied asphalt know, that's a recipe for giggles. After ripping off a few standard-issue donuts, he catches a slide around the 0:20 mark and holds a tight, extended drift circle around the cameraman. Then he switches up to one-handed wheel-sawing for style points. Maybe he's got excellent throttle control, or maybe he just can't reach the pedals entirely, but there's none of the usual rev-limiter-banging nonsense. Just smooth, tire-shredding silliness.

Can’t condone the parent's choice, but we’ve got to give this kid props: Drifting ain’t easy, and he’s a natural.