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This LA Arcade Makes It Easy to Get Behind the Wheel of an $80K Racing Simulator

It's like Dave & Buster's mixed with an indoor karting facility.

Indulging in any performance driving event can be a risky and expensive proposition, especially if you have little to no experience. But learning the theoretical lessons behind properly driving fast and all the involved technical know-how are far more accessible to the average person thanks to video games and racing simulators. That said, if you desire something beyond your flat-screen TV and Playstation or Xbox, Los Angeles’ Base51 racing simulator arcade has just what you’re looking for.

Kind of like Dave & Buster’s mixed with an indoor karting facility, Base51 is pegged as LA’s first-ever spot dedicated to racing simulators. It features state-of-the-art machines from CXC Simulations with hydraulically suspended racing buckets, 165-degree triple surround screen displays, and virtual reality that can immerse users into extremely realistic track-driving experiences.

It’s more than just a place where car enthusiasts can live out their workday fantasies, though. Not only are there leagues that participants can compete in, but Base51’s staff also offers coaching and track driving lessons from professional instructors. The facility even packs 10 fully networked machines, all of which feature actual racing telemetry that’s relayed to the “pit crew” behind the scenes.

From there, the instructors can observe your driving performances in the simulator and coach you through the experiences in real-time. Actual track driving experiences require tons of expensive logistics, plus technical vehicle assessments, driver debriefings, and supportive pit crews. But thanks to the virtual simulations, the costs and insurance risks of damaging your vehicle and track property are essentially eliminated.

When all is said and done, you and your friends can then settle down with a few cold ones as well as top-shelf culinary offerings.

The best part of it all? These race experiences start at $25 per session, a fraction of what a normal track day costs.

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