Oklahoma Firefighters Miraculously OK After Roadside Hit From Spinning U-Haul Trailer

After watching the video, you'll agree this driver deserves all the tickets.

Two firefighters from Southern Oklahoma are lucky to be alive after being struck by an out of control U-Haul trailer while responding to a traffic incident on the side of a busy interstate. Police caught the frightening moment on video via a cruiser-mounted dashcam and uploaded the footage to social media Tuesday afternoon.

Though the accident happened a few weeks ago, local news outlets are just beginning to share the story. The firefighters had almost no time to react, as the trailer swings around from behind a fire truck without warning. In the video, we see that one fireman took the brunt of the impact, while the other appears to be slammed by the corner of the trailer. The person hit the hardest is seen struggling to get up afterward while the other emergency worker is flung off-camera. It was undoubtedly a terrifying accident for both men, but they miraculously escaped with nothing more than some nasty bruises.

The driver hauling the trailer lost control in wet conditions and reportedly struck another vehicle, which caused the trailer to whip around and hit the firefighters. Amazingly, no one else was hurt.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is using the video as a reminder for people to slow down on highways by saying: “This is a graphic reminder to SLOW DOWN—especially when roads are slick and you see flashing lights.” They’ve certainly gotten the message out given that within hours of posting the video, the clip had amassed over 100,000 views and been shared over 2,000 times.