The 5 Best Driving Roads in Malibu

Tuna, no Crest. 

Chris Constantine (OC)

Angelinos are extremely spoiled with their driving roads. Southern California is home to some of the most famous canyon roads in the world, from The Snake in Malibu to the Angeles Crest Highway that takes drivers to Palmdale and Willow Springs Raceway. Famous roads always attract attention and now both of these canyons are full of cops, bikers, and Sunday drivers. For enthusiasts intent on testing their cars' limits and carving canyons, this isn't ideal. Thankfully, the Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu are home to an arsenal of underrated and obscure driving roads that make The Snake look like the 405 freeway. 

Stunt Road

Chris Constantine

Located just off of Mulholland Highway near Calabasas, Stunt is a fun medium-speed road for experienced canyon carvers- just be wary of the downhill dip less than a mile in.  While it has some fun spots to pull over, the real photogenic areas are at the T-intersection at the top. Turn right onto Schueren Road and you're immediately spit onto Piuma Road, another reputable canyon that takes you down to the PCH. Turn left onto Saddle Peak Road and you're greeted with some sizable turnouts and views of great hiking trails and 8-figure residencies. 

Tuna Canyon Road

Chris Constantine

Accessible from either Old Topanga Canyon or by venturing further through Saddle Peak Road, Tuna Canyon is primarily just for photo shoots. It starts out residential, narrowing to a one-way street that allows for few driving shenanigans. The wooded environment and views of the Pacific are definitely worth it, though. 

Latigo Canyon Road

Chris Constantine

Latigo is easily reachable from the Mulholland/Kanan hub, taking you on a wild, twisting journey before spitting you out in Central Malibu. It might seem like a slow road, but you'll be clinging to your steering wheel half the time trying to navigate the tight, technical sections. There's a great turnout 1.4 miles from the PCH entrance for optimal picture-taking, including adequate coastal and residential views.

Encinal Canyon Road

Chris Constantine

Those who continue past The Snake on Mulholland will eventually find themselves on Encinal Canyon, the fastest of the five. The top of the canyon features one of the best lookout spots in Malibu; on a clear day you can see where the coast wraps around Point Dume. Venture further and you'll find a long straightaway with a dirt lot overlooking the highway, a spot Matt Farah often films his One Takes at. 

Decker Road

Chris Constantine

Although it parallels Encinal, Decker is the exact opposite of the previous road. The road starts off from the coast very technical and you'll spend more time wrestling the hairpins than accelerating. Stay on it and it will transform to a more civilized canyon, full of farmland and horses to gaze at. It may not be as fun, but Decker is a must-drive for view-hunters. 

Alright, that's it folks, now go explore all California has to offer.