American Airlines Passengers Hospitalized With Mysterious Illness After Landing in Boston

The 13 afflicted were all part of a student group returning from a trip to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador.

A group of 13 American Airlines passengers was taken to the hospital over a mysterious, unidentified illness after landing in Boston on Sunday morning, reports the New York Post

Every person who fell ill was apparently part of the same student group flying into Logan International Airport from a layover in Miami after returning from a trip to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador. Boston EMS says all symptoms were “minor in nature” while one other passenger reportedly witnessed vomiting on the aircraft. A chaperone for the student group apparently told the airline they had all “ate the same thing” before getting sick and being sent to Massachusetts General Hospital.

Three other members of the group reportedly felt ill but weren’t sick enough to warrant a trip to the hospital. An American Airlines representative told CNN no other passengers or crew members fell ill.

While this particular news sounds like a relatively harmless case of group food poisoning, it comes several months after an entire Emirates flight had to be quarantined on the runway after almost 100 passengers (out of 500 total) came down with flu-like symptoms.

On our last episode of “Flying Sucks,” the internet had a heated discussion with itself after one passenger apparently “charged” an obese row-mate $150 to sit next to him. Hey, here’s a not-so-fun dilemma: would you rather sit next to someone a bit larger than average or an average-sized college kid who may or may not vomit profusely 30 minutes after take-off?