Pagani Says a ‘Big Surprise’ Is Coming to the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, But What Could It Be?

The ultra-limited Italian marque will celebrate its 20th anniversary at the famed Swiss event.

Back in the 1999 edition of the Geneva Motor Show, a flamboyant-looking Italian supercar called the C12 Zonda made its debut bearing the surname of a former Lamborghini employee, Horacio Pagani. Twenty years and countless special edition Zondas and Huayras later, the exotic upstart is promising to make another splash at the premier international auto show.

Speaking to CarBuzz, Pagani Communication and PR Manager Giulia Roncarati confirmed that the company had a big surprise in store for its 20th anniversary. “It will be a big surprise that we know everyone will love,” Roncarati told the publication. “But right now we’re keeping it a secret.”

While Pagani debuted the Huayra Roadster at Geneva in 2017, it didn’t have much to show at 2018’s show opting to release the special Gyrfalcon edition Roadster at Pebble Beach later that year instead. 

CarBuzz speculates that the surprise may be yet another “final” Zonda, a car Pagani has said multiple times in the past that it has retired from manufacturing but apparently continues to be produced on-request to this day

Feel free to file this one under “wishful thinking,” but the reveal of an all-new Pagani model is also a possibility. Given the company’s penchant for debuting a whole new car every decade or so (the Huayra was born in 2011, twelve years after the Zonda’s 1999 debut), the timeline isn’t all that far-fetched. Perhaps something with electric power and another perplexingly colorful name.

In any case, the 2019 Geneva Motor Show press days begin March 5.