Watch Some Crazy Russians Jump a Burning Car Into a Frozen Lake

How do you say “hold my vodka” in Russian?

byEric Brandt|
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In a spectacular “hold my vodka” moment, some Russians who are either very brave or very crazy filmed themselves setting a car on fire then immediately jumping it into a frozen lake. By some miracle, it appears that no one was harmed in this stunt, so feel free to watch and shake your head.

The small lake, presumably somewhere in Russia, is certainly frozen enough to walk on and possibly frozen enough to drive on. Unless, of course, your car is flying into it from a 100-foot drop at around 40 mph...and on fire.

As for the car, it appears to be an old Lada sedan. A disposable Soviet car like this is actually a perfect candidate for this stunt because it’s the kind of car that you won’t miss when it’s set on fire and plunged into a frozen lake. It’s painted up in a custom, spray-painted livery with a big star on the side and the word “Poctor,” whatever that means. Perhaps it’s the name of the valiant Ruskie behind the wheel.

We know we probably don’t even need to say it, but please don’t try this at home. Snow, ice, and cold weather can bring about a lot of stupid driving, but setting your car on fire and jumping your car into a frozen lake—or any lake, for that matter—are two things we strongly advise against.