Secret Service Reverse Drifting Is Video Game Gold

The Beast goes backwards—fast.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
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Before shuttling the President around in The Beast, Secret Service agents go through an intense regimen of driver training. Agents need to know how to escape dangerous situations, which means they need to be familiar with the limits of their heavy and heavily armored steeds. Just as their snipers must be as skilled as Olympic sharpshooters, Secret Service drivers need to learn how to control their vehicles with the precision of professional racing drivers.That extensive training doesn't include drifting a presidential limo around Lime Rock Park, backwards. But after watching this video, it really seems like it ought to be.

The video looks to be captured from a recent edition of Forza Motorsport. No matter. It is stupendously entertaining to watch a giant Cadillac limousine, complete with presidential seals on its doors, whip around Connecticut's famous racetrack, in reverse, tires smoking and engine howling. Who cares that pretty much every second of it is thoroughly implausible? White House Down made more than $200 million.

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