Goodyear’s New ‘Roll’ Service Will Forego Waiting at Tire Shops, Send Mobile Van Instead

The company wants to change how you buy tires.

byTalon Homer|
Goodyear’s New ‘Roll’ Service Will Forego Waiting at Tire Shops, Send Mobile Van Instead

Tire manufacturer Goodyear is rolling out, quite literally, a new way to shop for tires that doesn't involve waiting in a tire shop's showroom. A new service called "Roll" will allow customers to shop at retail tire boutiques or online, with the option to have them installed via valet service or mobile shops that will go directly to the customer's home.

In this new pilot program, which already offers four locations in Maryland, the tire buying process begins in one of two ways: The customer can peruse inventory at one of the Roll showrooms, or they can select their product at Goodyear's specialized Roll website. Most showrooms are located in commercial areas, so buyers can go for a stroll while they wait, or they can have a Goodyear valet service pick up their car at a specified location, install tires at the shop, then return it back to them.

The Roll program also includes mobile service vans that can show up right at a customer's home to perform the installation. All participants in the service will have the option to receive real-time text messages or email updates on their vehicle's status. 

“Roll by Goodyear makes buying tires easier,” said Fred Thomas, vice president and general manager of Goodyear Retail. “Guests can choose when, where and how to install their tires and they are in complete control of the process from start to finish. Goodyear is eliminating the waiting room and giving people­­­ time back in their day to do the things they really want to do­­­­.”

If Goodyear finds the program to be successful in the Maryland market, then it could roll-out the service to other areas across the United States.